Piku Movie Review: Worth The Watch?

Piku Movie Review: Worth The Watch?

Piku is a family drama/comedy which follows the story of an Indian man and his daughter who go on a trip to Kolkata. The movie explores the blossoming relationship between father and daughter, and how the mother's absence affects that dynamic. Just when you think you know how it will end, Piku surprises you with an ending that leaves you feeling optimistic about life.

Deepika Padukone plays the role of Piku, a cab driver. She is brusque and goads cab drivers to drive too fast. Because of this, cab drivers don't want to pick up Piku. But her crush on a fellow entrepreneur, Rana, convinces him to take him. Then there's Syed, a business partner and friend of Piku's.

The U in Piku is a strong personality trait that promotes independence. Those born under this sign are likely to enjoy great financial reward and a successful career. However, they need to practice common sense in their relationships. They are secretive and private. In love, they are passionate and sensual. They may see their partner as their enemy, but they're free of sexual hang-ups. This means Piku will have great potential for success in the field of art or music.

The U in Piku is an example of how a film with this meaning is atmospheric. It captures moments with clarity. The snappy editing style and jerky framework keep Piku in motion for two hours. While there are elements of cynicism and vulgarity in this name, Piku is a delightful journey full of emotional and spiritual rewards. The name Piku can also signify a woman who is incredibly independent and resolute.

The U in Piku's meaning means the U is a devoted daughter. She values her family above all else, and takes pride in her achievements. In a relationship, Pikus are sensitive and intelligent, and their partners are usually well-liked. If their parents are in a good position, the Piku can be an excellent match for her. Although they are independent, they have a strong love for their partner.

The U in Piku's name reflects a need to be independent. The U also stands for a strong desire for independence and a strong desire for freedom. This can become a passion for independence. The heart is very deep. Its beauty and elegance are the perfect combination. The feminine side of the Piku is very sensitive. The male has a tendency to be shy. The male is a friend. The female will be a lover for life, but not for a long time

The Chhobi masi is not a stereotype. She is not a woman with a single husband and is comfortable with multiple marriages. She prioritizes her own needs and is very independent. This type of woman has a strong desire to be independent, but she should not be overbearing or meddling with others will make her a weak character. In a relationship, the Piku's mate is often a good-looking man, who is very sexually sensual.

In the movie, Piku is an endearing character. She has an amazing mother-daughter relationship, and a strong sense of responsibility. She has a devoted family and is proud of her achievements. But she also has a life outside of caring for her father. While Piku is a wonderful, endearing character, she is often overshadowed by her father's ego. Nevertheless, she is very capable of taking care of her father and is very creative.

People with the Piku astrological sign are highly practical. They take pride in their accomplishments, and they are very careful not to boast. They have to use common sense and respect others. This is a positive sign, but they can be a bit too shy and self-conscious. A Piku is also very passionate, and secretive. If their partner is not very sexually oriented, they aren't likely to be a good match for one another.

The relationship between Piku and Bhaskor is a see-saw one. At one point, they discuss their lives and their relationships with their fathers and with their friends. While the two are close, Piku doesn't want to take the relationship too seriously, but her sex life is very active. She doesn't want to get too attached to someone who she can't respect, and Bhaskor tells her bluntly, "Parents, I don't want you to be sexually promiscuous".


In conclusion, the film Piku is a modern Hindi romance comedy directed by Shoojit Sircar. The film tells the story of a young widower, Amit, who takes his daughter to be seen by a doctor. While they are there, he realizes that she needs to be seen more often and the hospital has no pediatrician. He then decides to do something about it and hires Dr. Sidhu, an overbearing woman who is reluctant at first but soon grows on the family.

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