Qismat 2 - A Punjabi Romantic Drama.


Qismat 2 - A Punjabi Romantic Drama.

In the year 2021, Punjabi filmmaking is back with the sequel to Qismat. Jagdeep Sidhu has written the script for the second installment of the popular romantic drama. One of the most awaited films, “Haunted House” is finally releasing on 12th October. The film is produced by Ankit Vijan and Navdeep Narula and is bankrolled by Shri Narotam Ji Productions. The duo has previously worked together in "Panipurani" which was a hit at the box office. Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta star in the film. The story continues the love story between Shiv and Bani.

Continuing the tale of unrequited love in the first installment, Qismat 2 continues the story of Shiv and Bani. The film has all the elements of a perfect drama: music, romance, acting, and emotion. It is a wonderful family film and a great way to spend the day with your loved ones. If you're a fan of the original movie, you'll love the sequel.

While Qismat 2 starts promisingly, it quickly devolves into a routine college romance. While the songs are buzzing, the romance is forced. The final surprise is a double twist, and the music is heavy. The movie is a lot better than its predecessor, and its climax is sure to please fans of both movies. But if you're looking for an entertaining romantic drama, this isn't it.

The film features four main characters and two love triangles. There are four love squares and two love triangles. The story follows Baani and Shiva, who meet while attending college. They are both college students, but Baani is the daughter of a Punjab Police SP and Shiva is the son of a poor father. As you can see, they fall for each other and the romance between them becomes increasingly passionate. But what about the premise of the film? It's unclear, but the first half is a surprisingly emotional drama.

The second installment of Qismat follows the story of Shiv and Bani. It is a love story with the perfect drama elements and lots of music. The acting, music, and romance are all fantastic. The movie is a pure entertainer, so you'll want to watch it with your family. Its ending is bittersweet, but the story is a likable and enchanting movie. While the movie may be a disappointment for some, it is still worth watching.

The storyline is very uplifting and relates to the true meaning of unrequited love. The storyline of the film is very well-written and has many romantic elements. It is also quite a romantic movie. The film's music and acting are also excellent. The music and acting are both excellent in Qismat 2. It is a must watch for everyone. There are several reasons why this movie is so good.

The film starts out as a promising love story but soon turns into a college romance. The courtship is long and the music is heavy. It's also not as interesting as the first one. The plot revolves around the fates of the two main characters. The main characters in the film are Baani and Shiva. Both of them are college students. They're friends from the same class, but they're not compatible with each other.

Ammy Virk is the director and writer of Qismat 2. The movie is a sequel to the hit movie released in 2021. It will be released in theaters on September 24.It will be a sequel to the popular film, Qismat. The film was written by Jagdeep Sidhu and starred Jaani. The music in this film is sung by Nooran Sisters and features music by Asees Kaur and Romy.

The storyline of Qismat is still relevant today. The story of the unrequited love of Shiv and Bani continues to be a popular one. The film is a great entertainment and has the right combination of drama, romance, and music. In the second installment of the Qismat franchise, Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta play the leads of the movie. The lead actors of the movie are Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk.

This Punjabi romance movie is about two college friends, Shivjit and Bani. Shivjit is an overly romantic, whereas Bani is an overly affluent, modern girl. Both of these characters share the same bloodline. They even have the same father, and their characters have similar personalities. This is why the film is so popular in the Punjabi film industry. This satirical movie is a must-watch for fans of Bollywood films.


In conclusion, Qismat 2 is a rich cultural experience that you should not miss out on. With its stellar cast, beautiful cinematography, and great storytelling, it has everything that you would want in a movie. If you are looking for an amazing time at the movies this weekend, make sure to watch Qismat 2!

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