OMG Lyrics – Amrit Maan

 OMG Lyrics – Amrit Maan

🎢 "OMG" (Oh My God) 🎀 is a brand new Punjabi track 🎢 sung by Amrit Maan, featuring Khyati Sharma. The πŸ“ lyrics for this latest song are also penned down by Amrit Maan ✍️, while the 🎢 music is given by Mxrci 🎹. The πŸŽ₯ music video has been directed by Director Jsie πŸ“Ή.

🎢Song Credits🎢

🎡 Song: OMG
🎀 Singer: Amrit Maan
🎼 Lyrics: Amrit Maan
🎢 Music: MXRCI
πŸŽ₯ Starring: Amrit Maan, Khyati Sharma
🎧 Label: Amrit Maan

OMG Lyrics

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Ho Kudi Dekh Ke Jatta Nu Kehndi

Oh My God

Seene Laggeya Takkan Nu Kehndi

Oh My God

Kehndi Pakka Thodda Masla Ae

Oh My God

Kehndi Ainna Kivein Asla Ae

Ho Dekh Lai Jatta De Putt

Khare Goriye

Jinne Khare Saare Naal

Khade Goriye

Dass Kehde Mudde Te

Debate Karni

Changeyan School’an Vich

Padhe Sohniye

Dekh Kaali Kaali Hoodie Kehndi

Oh My God

Dekh Chadhi Saddi Guddi Kehndi

Oh My God

Kehndi Kaala Kaala Chhakde Ho

Oh My God

Bhajje Phirde Na Thakde Ho

Oh My God

Mukh Te Glow Aa Jatt

Ghummde Aa Goa Jatti

Doori Teeri Ho Gayi Munda

Dekh Ke Main Rova

Sakke Bhai Do Aa Ni

Shareer Jivein Loha Ni

Tu Gori Chitti Lage

Jivein Jammi Pali Doha

Sadda Dekh Karobaar Kehndi

Oh My God

Naale Aithe Naale Baahar Kehndi

Oh My God

Jadon Bebe Nu Milayi Kenhdi

Oh My God

Dekh Maan’an Di Chadhayi Kehndi

Ho Sadde Layi Oh Saara Din

Jachi Jaandi Ae

Soch Soch Bina Gallon

Hansi Jaandi Ae

Kehndi Labhna Si Jatt

Jehda Labh Main Leya

Kudiyan Nu Angrezi Vich

Dassi Jaandi Ae

Dekh Malwe Da Jatt Kehndi

Oh My God

Majhe Wali Fatafat Kehndi

Oh My God

Sadda Rang Dekh Tan Kehndi

Oh My God

Sunn Future Plan Kehndi

Sarh Ke Sarh Ke Jaandiye

Mutiyaare Ni

Aaj Katthe Kaddiye Fire

Baankiye Naare Ni

Aaj Katthe Kaddiye Fire

Baankiye Naare Ni

Ho Dekh Taur Saddi Thaaneyan Ch

Oh My God

Naale Nave Te Puraneyan Ch

Oh My God

Oh Badi Dekh Ke Hairaan Hoyi

Oh My God

Ni Saddi Unity Ae Laaneyan Ch

Te Naam Jatt Da Siyaneyan Ch

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OMG Music Video

Written by: Amrit Maan

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